How To Properly Clean Upvc Windows And Doors

It’s spring cleaning time, and there is nothing you’d like better than to get your hands on a genie’s lamp so that you can wish all this cleaning away. Cleaning is no one’s idea of a good time, but if the time comes where you start tripping on piles of clothes you’ve left on the floor, it means you need to roll up your sleeves and get cleaning. From the ground up, the process of clearing away the grime and the mess can actually be therapeutic until you reach the spotty windows and uPVC doors.

As a manufacturer of uPVC doors and windows, one thing that we at Oridow are asked more than the benefits of said doors and windows is the process of cleaning them. UPVC doors and windows are amazing when it comes to getting a product for your home which is energy efficient, easy to install, affordable and economical, low maintenance and eco-friendly, and the process of cleaning them isn’t even that hard, but only if you know how.

Sprays Cleaning uPVC Doors and Windows

Weather plays an important factor when it comes to getting the proper protective fixtures for your home, which is probably why more and more homes are opting for uPVC doors and windows due to its weather –proof quality. While people might choose wooden doors and windows for their beauty, they need constant attention along with touch-ups and repainting for maintenance, and for the busy homemakers, this can be quite a hassle.

Quite honestly, the only thing your uPVC French door or sliding window needs is a good wipe to make it look good as new. However, if you want to get more of a thorough cleaning for your uPVC products then you can use the following tips to do so.


  • CleanFor a thorough clean; open the window and using a vacuum, remove the dirt from all corners with a brush nozzle so as to prevent any scratching. This allows the window to stay clean and retain less fluid that may build up within the frame.
  • For a quick clean; mix some washing up liquid in a bucket of warm soapy water and using a sponge, wipe down all areas of the window that are dirty. Remember to only use a soft sponge so as to not cause any scratches that may harm the decorative value of the uPVC.
  • For everyday clean; make the task easier by using a clean and non-abrasive material such as a kitchen roll, an old rag or a tea towel to wipe the uPVC.
  • Bonus; if you want crystal clear windows, use this old trick. Dampen one side of a newspaper and wipe the glass, then use a piece of dry newspaper to remove any smears that might have appeared from the wipe.

And there you have it. UPVC windows and doors are a wonderful product, and with these small tips for cleaning, we know that you will thank Oridow along with your lucky stars for making the right choice for your home.



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