How to clean-up and maintain uPVC Windows?

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uPVC windows are durable, energy-efficient and besides, enhance the beauty of your home. Like everything else, you wish that the windows to remain beautiful and function efficiently for long. Honestly, the most profitable feature of the uPVC windows is that they don’t require meticulous maintenance.

Instead of killing time until your sight is hindered by the accrued dirt, or oil on the windows, you can inspect them occasionally. Routine cleaning and sporadic lubrication would be sufficient to keep them well-maintained.

Cleaning the uPVC casement windows means some hard work. Since they open outward, you need to crank open the sash as much as possible to clean them. For uPVC single hung windows, you need to tilt the sash for maximum so that you can reach out.  Otherwise, you need to remove the lower sash. It is relatively easier to clean those sited on the ground floor than the uppers since you can clean them from outside. However, uPVC double hung and sliding windows are effortless to maintain. You can clean the exterior, being indoors only.

Things that you would require to clean and maintain uPVC windows are:

1.      A squeegee – you may need various sizes depending on the size of the windows and doors in your home.

2.      Some pieces of cloths – you would need them to wash, dry and buff up the panes. A chamois cloth is known best for cleaning the areas near the frames. It hauls off the streaks.

3.      Cleaner – you can use a mild solution of non-abrasive detergent and warm water to clean the uPVC products at your home. But, remember that too much of detergent can cause streaks. You can even have homemade cleaner mixing ½ tablespoon of liquid soap, ¼ cup of vinegar with 3 cups of water.

4.      uPVC cleaner – if the solvent is very concentrated, then it may even burn the surface.

5.      Spray oil – for the frames and the locks of the windows.

6.      A bucket – you would need an appropriate bucket to soak the squeegee in the cleaner.

Step-by-Step Maintenance Guide for UPVC Windows

1.      Cover the Squeegee with a cloth and dip it in cleaning solution. You can use the vinegar solution as cleaning agent.

2.      Cover the door or window with the solution.

3.      Now press the Squeegee against the glass and slide it from top to bottom.

4.      Repeat the steps until the whole area is cleaned including the frames.

5.      Use a cotton cloth to dry out drips if any. If possible use Chamois, it removes lines.

6.      After this, apply uPVC cleaner with a clean material on the frames. It is important that you choose a right cleaning solution otherwise it may damage the uPVC product.

7.      It is time to uphold the handles and locking mechanism of the windows. Put some spray oil inside the lock. Move the key around and push in several times.  You can notice the change right away.

You can always clean and maintain them by yourself like an expert. You can get the most out of your windows, if you clean and lubricate them regularly at once in three months. But, it is better to study the maintenance guide provided by the manufacturer and follow the instructions to avoid any unwanted trouble.



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