How to Buy an Aluminum Security Door on a Shoestring Budget

“At the end of every day, the goals are simple: safety and security” – Jodi Rell.

There is another thing you should know – no one can build their security upon the nobleness of another person! Something business owners should definitely keep in mind.

However, modern security threats have evolved to the point where as a business owner you need to constantly assess your security parameters and ensure they are updated on a timely basis.

Best Choice in Security – Installing a Aluminum Security Gate

It is a good decision to install as many security measures as possible. Businesses concerned with security install CCTV cameras yet still face intrusions during off hours! This is why you should invest in physical security measures such as aluminum security gates and doors.

Aluminum security screens, doors and barriers provide businesses with the following benefits:

  • Limits access to property/business
  • A powerful deterrent for trespassers
  • Maximum asset protection and security

Of course, you might have a limited budget for security installations. Aluminum security screens and doors are easily affordable for medium sized businesses but small-business owners can face trouble when it comes to investing and installation.

So, how can you pay for a high quality aluminum security screen or gate with a relatively smaller budget? There are two ways that can make this possible:

Transfer Money Budgeted for Electives to Security

Do you plan a big and expensive Christmas party for your employees every year? It is a better idea to organize a potluck summer picnic, saving the money that would have gone in planning an extravagant party.

Buy refurbished computers instead of brand-new. The same goes for chairs and desks – you will easily find second-hand furniture in really good condition if you just look.

Do you provide an activity (like Zumba classes) for free to employees? That should be turned into a paid event… the point is to save money wherever possible!

Charge for Employee Parking

Your business, and its location, will benefit largely from security installations. Similarly your employees will also feel safer with an aluminum security parameter around the premises.

Do you operate in an unsafe or bad area of town? Your employees will feel safer with a security gate enclosing the premises and won’t even think twice about paying the parking fee.

Already charge a low parking fee? You can also increase the amount but don’t forget to be reasonable.

Take a look at what Oridow offers in security by opening and viewing all items today. You can also contact us.



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