A Guide To Commercial Office Doors, Aluminum Windows, And Doors (includes commercial window replacement)

Building or renovating your dream house is a rewarding experience. With so many choices, commercial window replacement might be intimidating! The flow, functionality, and aesthetics of your home highly depend on your windows and doors. After all, you’ll live with your fenestration choices for years, if not a lifetime!

This quick window and door guide can help you plan. This will help you focus and feel confident.

What window styles to choose? Sizes and configurations? Do doors replace windows? Why would you choose a specialized glass? Double-glazing? Installation and maintenance costs? We’ll help you.

Aesthetics: Take time to choose your home’s style. Architects will guide you through this process. We discuss aspects to consider, whether you’re renovating or want to be more active.

Stacking Doors and Double-Volume View Window

Want a bright, breezy space? You want ultramodern? Do you prefer rustic and cottage? Are you making an elegant classic? Your windows and doors will reflect your style.

Windows And Doors Help Your Home Flow And Brighten It

For instance, large windows let you enjoy the scenery. So for the next window replacement chore you can choose cottage pane windows. Large sliding or stacking doors can open your living area to the garden. Selecting the right glass fixtures will help you design your environment.

Selecting windows and doors is complex. Let’s start with window and door types.

Window types

Knowing about the many types of windows and doors allows you to be more creative and confident in your choices for homes and retail locations. 

Casement windows are ideal for ventilation since their “sashes” swing out from the exterior frame. Top-hung or side-hung, their units normally have fixed panes and opening sashes. Top-hung casement windows may be opened without letting rain or wind in, making them ideal for weather-facing buildings.

Classic sliding windows are ideal for tight spaces because they don’t protrude. You may prefer the sleek style and functionality. Sliding windows have 2–4 panes depending on their width. They blend easily with fixed-pane windows, sliding doors, and folding doors.

Aluminium Sliding Windows

Stacking windows, also known as concertina or sliding-folding windows, open and fold back, maximizing window space. These replacement windows are ideal for serving hatches, ventilated rooms, and opening up your yard or pool area. Depending on the width, these windows have 3–10 panels.

Fixed-pane Windows

Fixed-pane windows are great for rooms where you want more light or vistas. These fit staircase landings, view windows, and feature windows—no opening sashes, custom-made to your dimensions. Fixed panes can cover full walls or enclose a double-volume room.

Double-Volume Window

The top lights are window and door glass inserts. Sidelights are glass panels on either side of your door. These fixtures match windows and doors perfectly. They offer light and glass to your home without installing a window or door. Top and side lights can have fixed panes and opening windows, commonly top-hung or side-hung casement windows.


Windows, right? Almost! Window and door “systems” and “profiles” are unknown to most homeowners.

Casement windows have 30.5, 34, 36, and 38mm profiles. Slimmer frames are standard, have more glass and less frame, and have a modern, streamlined look. 36 and 38 frames are more robust, dignified, and traditional. These make larger fixtures and are stronger.

When ordering fixtures, consider aesthetics, your budget, and product requirements.

Let’s check out your door options next.


White Powder-Coated Aluminium Sliding Doors

Elegant and practical sliding doors are always popular in commercial window installation. Aluminum sliding doors may maximize views and light in spaces. They have 2, 3, 4, or 6 panels based on breadth.

Hinged/French doors are common. They can be single or French doors. French doors are appropriate for main entrances, while single-hinged ones can be stable for kitchen entrances. You can choose metal or glass panels for these doors.

White Powder-Coated Folding Stacking Doors

Sliding-folding doors sometimes called stacking doors, fold out and stack neatly to open the entire width of the aperture, up to 9m!

They are great for opening your lounge to your yard or patio or expanding your bedrooms onto an upper balcony. They can be utilized as room dividers in an open plan. We make 3–10 panel doors depending on the opening width.


Colors and finishes are next option for residential and commercial buildings when installing windows. Anodized or powder-coated aluminum frames come in many colors. Window and door colors should match your home’s or commercial property style.

Different types of colors and finishes are available for replacement windows. The most popular finishes are natural anodized (silver) and powder-coated white, charcoal (grey), and bronze. You can also get unique powder-coated colors like black and fresh silver. If the purchase is large enough, practically any custom color is accessible.

As per commercial window installers, natural anodized is cost-effective and complements modern construction and while replacing windows. White powder coating is popular for modern, bright, open-plan layouts, whereas charcoal grey is more formal and professional. Your budget and taste will guide your choices.


Pro Aluminium makes fixtures in standard and custom sizes for your home and commercial window replacement! Standard sizes are cheaper, but some designs demand custom sizes.

Top-hung or side-hung casement windows might be 600 x 600 mm or 1800 x 2400 mm.

Sliding windows come in standard sizes up to 3m wide and 1.5m high, although bigger custom sizes are possible.

Two-panel sliding doors are 3m wide, whereas four-panel doors are 6m wide. (2.1m standard, 2.4m available)

Ask if your provider can custom-make folding doors. Folding doors can open 9m-wide openings, unlike patio and french doors. These doors may reach 2.7m.

The Best Glass

Aluminum windows and doors are ideal for residential and commercial space. They’re durable and elegant. Did you realize that your windows and doors’ glass works harder?

Architectural glass delivers energy savings, security, sound reduction, uv rays protection and more thanks to innovative glass technology. Choose laminated safety glass for your home to reap these benefits.

Ordinary glass loses 40% of energy through doors and windows residential and commercial buildings. Energy-saving glass reduces heating and cooling costs to improve energy efficiency. Consider this energy-saving glass if you desire cheaper electricity bills and better indoor temps.

Safety and security glass defends against physical, ballistic, and blast attacks and decreases the danger of accidental injury in home project. This glass slows a burglar and hence prevents a break-in.

Acoustic glass reduces noise in residential and commercial windows. This glass is great if you live in a city or near a motorway.

Glass in commercial window installation may enhance architectural designs with its aesthetic features. Tinted, mirrored, and colored glass may bring elegance and sophistication to your house (for more detailed info, read about our range of performance glass).


Double-glazed windows and doors are also a great option. Double glazing is two panes of glass in an aluminum frame filled with argon gas. Buildings are quieter because of the contained space between them.

Double-glazing in new windows and existing windows reduces noise. It’s especially handy if your property is on a busy street or near a playground. Double-glazing costs more for a new front door.

In the end, Craftsmanship Matters

After choosing a design, make sure your aluminum windows and doors are professionally made and installed. Thus, a trustworthy organization with industry experience and accreditations is essential.



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