Choosing the Right UPVC Window for your Needs

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There are several types of windows that are available when you decide to purchase the windows you need for any construction project. You can upgrade the windows you already have to cut your energy cost or you may be considering purchasing windows for a new construction project you may have underway. Knowing what type of window will fit your needs is the first step in choosing the right UPVC windows for your project. We will take a look at several types of windows and explain each type before you make the decision to purchase your UPVC windows.

Casement Windows

A casement window is designed to open much the same way that a door would open. These windows are hinged at the top or on the left or right side. These windows will lock from the inside and can be opened to the outside when unlocked. The windows that are hinged on the top will have a latch on the bottom allowing the window to be open from the bottom. Depending on the side of the window your hinges or mounted will determine which direction these windows will open. In some cases these windows can be made with the hinges on the bottom allowing for the window to tilt outward. This UPVC window style can also be ordered in a standard size or can be custom made to the size you will need.

Sliding Door and Windows.

Sliding doors or windows give you another option to choose from when you are deciding on the type of windows to use. Sliding doors will add an elegant touch to any living area as an exit out onto the patio or deck. Sliding doors and windows could also be the answer for some of the tight places you may encounter where a casement window will not work. Sliding doors are usually made with one stationary panel and one moveable panel. The location of the door or window will determine which panel will remain stationary. A sliding door or window can also be made from the same great UPVC materials to match the other windows as well as giving you a lifetime of service.

Double Hung Windows.

This is the most common window used in construction today. This is the type of window that we are all familiar with. In a double hung window the top panel is usually stationary and the bottom panel can be raised or lowered. In some double hung window models the top panel will tilt in to make cleaning much easier. These windows can also be custom made from the same great UPVC window materials. You can also order these windows in any standard size available.

Before you make the final decision on the window type you need contact your local contactor to get the answers you need. Do your research online to see the options available to you. There are times you can find some great deals on any type of window.



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