7 Energy-Saving Hacks for Your Homes

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Energy costs are a huge issue for an average house owner. US households use 11,000 kilowatt-hours every year. Electricity consumption in the northern USA is much lower than in the south. Single-family detached homes in both regions use electricity the most. Households in the south use energy for air-conditioning purposes as well.

Most houses and landlords rent homes with air-conditioning installed for the tenant. The use of air conditioning is essential to ward off summer heat and facilitate ventilation. Even when the consumption ratio varies from location to location, much energy every year is taken up by the different heating and cooling equipment installed in US homes.

The same could be said about gas consumption within the country. In 2020, gas consumption within the US peaked at 30.5 trillion cubic feet. The country’s industrial, commercial, and residential sectors add significantly to the alarmingly high energy consumption. The cost for energy consumption takes away a large chunk of an average American’s salary. There seems to be an increasing need to reduce energy consumption to manage monthly billing.

Saving energy is also important from an ethical point of view. The more gas and electricity are consumed, the more fossil fuel pollution is released into the atmosphere. To curb the impact of fuel consumption on the environment, we need to find efficient, environmental-friendly ways of energy consumption.

Some consumption hacks may prove to be beneficial for households:

Shut Down Extra Appliances

Most people have a habit of keeping their laptops running. Household appliances need to be turned off after use. Water heating systems that use gas need to be turned off after use. Such equipment can always be switched on some time before usage. The process is quite convenient for summers. The same could be done with electric heaters and central heating systems.

Sleeping computers and forever charging iPads contribute to a property’s total electricity consumption. Switch off the lights, the TV, and the computer when you’re not using them.

Use Energy-Saving Lights

Lights are a necessity, and you can have as many as you want, but be cautious of the type you install in your homes. According to energy.gov, 15% of the total electricity cost of a household is attributed to lighting. Your incandescent light bulbs are causing you more damage than you think! It’s time you replace them with energy-saving lights. Energy-saving bulbs are just as trendy as incandescent lights.

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If you still find incandescent lights more appealing than white energy-saving lights, try replacing them only in places of frequent use. You can still opt for low-hung incandescent lights for your drawing and dining room.

Use DC Fans

Until now, electric fans used AC motors that did regulate airflow but weren’t as cost-friendly as DC fans are. DC fans or Direct Current fans use motors to create more power using less energy. This means your fan works better without causing a dent in your wallet.

You can replace all your fans with DC fans to save energy costs and reduce energy consumption. Most DC fans hardly use 40 watts of energy at their highest speed.

Switch to Solar Energy

Solar energy is proving to be way more successful than it was. More and more consumers find it convenient to install and use rather than using regular electricity. Estimate if a solar panel would be feasible to install in your house. Even though the technology has become quite popular, many consumers may not be able to afford it. But if you can, you’re at an advantage here to significantly cut down your power costs.

Adjust the Thermostat of Your Refrigerator and Microwave

Do you leave your refrigerator on full blast? The thermostat in electrical appliances is perfect for controlling temperature. Controlling the appliance’s temperature also affects its energy consumption. Adjust your temperature when you use a microwave. Your refrigerator’s temperature needs to be regulated likewise.

Your energy consumption will have visible effects on your monthly bills.

Change Filters of Your Heating and Cooling Systems

Maintaining electrical equipment is an important factor to reduce energy costs. Dirty filters and uncleaned equipment only adds to the products not performing well even at their maximum capacity. For your AC and heating system to work well, clean the equipment every six months. Service your heating systems likewise since they have filters too.

Once you clean the filters, you’ll notice you don’t have to operate your equipment to its maximum potential to make them work well. Cleanliness is also integral for your domestic uPVC and aluminum doors and windows. Especially if you have double-hung windows installed. The arrangement is bound to save your electrical and heating costs. You’ll also have a more adept system at work for your domestic heating and cooling.

Want to replace your windows? At Oridow, we design some of the best windows for commercial and residential purposes.

Replace Your Windows and Doors

Windows and doors play a role in energy usage and consumption. If you’re up to changing your windows, now’s the time! Choosing energy-efficient, non-thermal windows and doors is not only cost-friendly, but it’s also one of the most ethical routes you can take to use a lower amount of energy every day. The US government can empathize enough on how important energy efficiency is to manage your everyday expenses.

It also plays a huge role in contributing positively to the global energy conservation initiative. The cause promotes burning less fossil fuel that damages our environment.

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To see if your windows are in perfect shape to save you some bills, do the following:

See If Your Window Has Tiny Holes or Leaks

Leaky windows are a common occurrence. As your windows get old, the sealant you once caulked might stop working. This means there can be cracks or holes in the window acting as an easy escape route for heat. Before you decide that your windows are perfect for energy consumption, check if they have leaks. If they do, you need to have their leaks sealed again.

Opt for Glazed Glass

Glazing is a great way to insulate windows. A glazed window offers protection against sound and is best to conserve heat. Glazed windows are double or trouble layers of glass panes fitted in a frame to conserve as much heat as possible. Glazing glasses is bound to make windows heavier. You can’t go with uPVC windows since they are not sturdy enough to provide long-term support.

Aluminum windows and door frames would be great for double and triple glazed windows. The strength that aluminum offers is exceptional with regard to heavy glazed and laminated glass. Aluminum frames would be best for laminated glass as well. Laminated glass in aluminum frames is perfect for houses with kids. It doesn’t break easily and is excellent for long-term use.

Aluminum windows and door manufacturers insist that aluminum frames support low-E glasses and glazed glasses the best. They are also quite aesthetic since the glass is available in different shades. Glazed glass offers excellent soundproofing solutions. They are best for additional security and save considerable energy costs.

To save your electricity cost, invest in aluminum doors and windows. At Oridow, you can find a variety of aluminum doors and window frames. You can choose from aluminum sliding doors, aluminum French doors and an impressive variety of uPVC windows and doors as well. The service offers a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty on all their products. To avail their services, contact them at 86 137 5516 7195.



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