4 Reasons Why Switching To uPVC Is A Good Idea

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Wooden door frames are soon becoming obsolete. Yes, they had a good run, but the negative points of wooden doors cannot be overlooked anymore; especially with a much better and affordable option available.

We’re talking about uPVC doors.

Wooden Doors vs. uPVC Doors

Durable, strong and wide availability in a huge range of styles and designs – these are the advantages of wooden door and window frames. These doors also had numerous disadvantages on the other hand: maintenance (in the form of varnishing, repainting, sanding or cleaning) coming at the top. There’s no denying that wooden door frames take a lot from the pocket! Then, uPVC windows and doors came along.

uPVC Has A Longer Lifespan

uPVC doors and windows are made from a special kind of plastic. They are exceptionally resistant against all weather conditions and work well for a long time. Compared to wooden doors, you won’t even have to clean uPVC doors and windows that much.

Door OridowVirtually No Maintenance Needed

Due to its incredible durability, only sufficient (that is minimal) maintenance is required to clean your uPVC windows and doors.

This means the wiping down dirt every now and then will be just as sufficient.

Wooden doors flake and need to be repainted. uPVC doors don’t flake and therefore don’t require repainting. They can remain resistant in harsh weathers too.

They Provide Better Insulation

Different seasons during the year can wreak havoc to a wooden door. As we all know: wood contracts and expands during different season and can become an unstable support.

On the other hand, uPVC windows and doors remain the same in size and shape throughout the year!

Double glazed window and door panels can also reduce the gaps that are sometimes found between the frame and door/window. This helps increase insulation, i.e. reduces amount of heat that would have been lost otherwise.

Upvc Windows OridowuPVC Doors And Windows Are Secure

A more complex lock system is present in them since the construction of uPVC windows and doors is very different. This makes uPVC doors more secure as compared to wooden ones.

The handles of both windows and doors are built to prevent unwanted visitors from entering the home.

Are you convinced that uPVC doors and windows is the best design solution for your home? Now look for the best uPVC made products available at Oridow, your online and affordable stop-over for the best home design solutions.



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