4 Benefits of Triple Glazed Windows

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Today, Triple Glazed Windows has gained huge popularity all around the world. We all have noticed that. But, what makes it the first choice for most of the homeowners? What makes them toggle from Double Glazed to Triple Glazing Windows? How do they reimburse your investment? In this article, we aim to discover all that you seek to know.

Firstly, what are they? Modern windows constructed with three glass panes or two with Low-E film perched in between, are commonly termed as Triple Glazed Windows, while Single and Double Glazed windows come with one or two glass panes correspondingly. Now that we are familiar with the structural variation between the windows, let’s find out how the Triple Glazing Windows benefits us.

Benefit #1: Energy-efficient

Traditional single glazed windows come with a U-value more than 5. However, Double Glazed windows score more than 3. But, Triple Glazed Windows comes with lower U-value not more than 1.6 (according to Building Regulation). The window cavities are optimized filled with Krypton or Argon gas. Aluminum spacers are used to enhance the insulation power of the windows.  Along with low U-value and excellent thermal insulation properties, these windows are 40% more energy efficient than the Double Glazing Windows.  It detains the heat of the daylight and keeps your home warm throughout day and night. Installing Triple Glazed Windows is equivalent to enhancement of the walls and ceilings to R-40.

Ultimately, it helps you to maximize your saving on energy bills to keep indoor temperature controlled. Steadily mounting energy costs are no more a problem for you.

Benefit #2: Utmost Comfortable

Elimination of cold spots and internal condensation maximizes the thermal efficiency of the windows, which keep the inside 2 degrees more warm than any Double Glazed window would. Triple Glazed Windows makes any modern home extremely comfortable to reside in. Triple Glazed Windows are great choice in countries with extreme weather. That is why; it is pretty standard in the UK, Scandinavia and other countries with a relatively cold climate.

Benefit #3: Improved Security

Most of the break in attempts takes place from the windows only. With a third glass pane, the sealed glass unit of the window becomes harder to breach. Additionally, they are beaded within and the glass can be removed from inside only. Hence, Triple Glazed Windows are well-built, rigid units that offer improved security to your family and property.

Benefit #4: Significant Acoustic Reducer

Triple Glazed Windows are optimized to transmit excellent noise dropping performance. It is getting admired among those who live in areas near the highways, airports, railway stations, and busy street intersections find the high-pitched noise extremely frustrating.

If you are already having top-quality Double Glazed Windows, then these windows may not compensate you much in a while. It is costlier and 50% heavier than the other windows. However, if loud noise troubling you, want a more thermally comfortable ambiance in the house, then Triple Glazed Windows is certainly an option that you may like to consider.


The triple glazed windows fabricated by ORIDOW is hurricane impact too, the glass is 5mm+0.76+5mm+6A+5mm, which is double glazed with a laminated glass with a tempered glass.  Learn more about this triple glazed hurricane impact windows.



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