10 Important Things to Consider When Building Your Home (Part 2)


Building a dream home is no child’s play. Your planning for a dream home starts from the moment you start scribbling a crudely drawn home on paper with your crayons. Your home is supposed to be your kingdom and while we all wish that we could have the most perfect kingdom, only some of us get the opportunity to actually have one built which is according to our wishes.

In part 1, we talked about the few major factors which should affect your decision when building a home. In this part, we shall continue and tell you the next 5 important things that you should consider when we’re chalking up the plans for our home.

1. Touch the Sky

When building a home, we need to consider some simple factors, one of them being our own height. The height of your ceiling should at least be higher than the length from your feet to the top of your fingers if you reach up. Although low ceilings might look perfect if you’re going for a cottage, high ceilings can make a home look spacious. For a stylish décor, pair that with large windows fitted with uPVC French doors.

2. Laundry Run

Your laundry room becomes a savior if you have a cleaning emergency. A laundry room is an essential part of the home so when you are planning the placement, take your needs into account. Along with a washer and dryer, you also need a place which should be convenient enough for an ironing board, hanging hooks and baskets for storage. You also need a place which isn’t so far into the house that you’d be completely cut off from what going on around you.

3. Plugged In

Electrical sockets and outlets can destroy the overall look of a room. There is nothing worse than a glaring white socket board against beautiful wallpaper so when you’re building your home, have the electrical sockets placed at the bottom of the wall to keep them out of direct sight.

4. Splurge Control

Do you really need those expensive countertops for the kitchen? Or those marble slates specially made from France? When you’re building a home, it becomes easy to go overboard so to keep yourself grounded; separate everything into three categories; must-have, should have, I can dream. Do so and you won’t receive a concerned call from your bank.

5. Do What You Want

Ask yourself this question; will you be living in the home you’re building, or will the barrage of people who keep coming up with pushy suggestions be living there? When building a house, the worst mistake you can do is to take the suggestions of someone else and let them dictate you. You are the only one who knows best about your home, so when faced with a bossy hint about what you ‘should do’ with your home, nod politely, then do what you want, and if you doubt yourself, simply ask a professional home builder.

And there you have it. The ten most important points you need to focus on when building your home. So if you want some professional help in uPVC windows or doors for your home, contact us and we shall guide you on the right path so you can finally have the home you’ve always wanted.



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