Can frosted glass be seen through?

Many people choose frosted glass for the bathroom to increase privacy. However, can frosted glass be seen through? The answer is YES. Frosted glass can be seen through too.

Frosted glass may also be seen

Frosted glass is not see-through because its surface is treated with grinding and the rough, uneven texture makes the original direct light diffuse around.

The light cannot be focused, so it naturally does not form a clear image.

When choosing frosted glass for kitchen and bathroom windows, doors, and partitions, there are 3 kinds of situations that may run the risk of “being seen” and “poor privacy blocking effect” as follows:

The distance is too close

For example, the bathroom door with frosted glass, but the bathroom sink or toilet is located closer to the door, it is easy to appear “the figure is blurred, but the posture and movement can be seen” embarrassing scene.

Water vapor makes frosted fail

For example, the bathroom window or door with frosted glass, but the frosted surface happens to be on the interior side, when the bath heat or accidental water splashed directly on the frosted glass.

Water droplets meet the frosted surface, it will make the original concave and convex glass become flat again, light is no longer scattered, and frosted glass will be briefly failed.

How to improve the effect of frosted glass anti-peep

Think about the situation in your own home, whether there are doors and windows too close to the neighbor’s home, feel that the previous frosted anti-peep effect is not good enough, do not want the bathroom often appear “social dead moment” and so on.

If there are, then the following ways to enhance the frosted glass anti-peep effect:

The first is that the glass can be made into insulating glass, and a frosted surface is placed on the side of the insulating layer of the insulating glass so that you can avoid the trouble of moisture and tape.

If you want to enhance the anti-peep effect, the most effective is to make both pieces of insulating glass frosted and place them on the inner side of the insulating layer.

In addition, there are differences in the varieties of frosted glass, divided into ordinary frosted, jade sand, and oil sand. The difference between them is that the texture of frosted is rougher, the jade sand texture is delicate, and the oil sand texture is similar to jade sand but relatively more difficult to hang in water, more resistant to dirt.

Therefore, in comparison, jade sand and oil sand’s anti-peep effect will be a little better.

If you choose a single piece of glass, you can choose a better anti-peep effect jade / oil sand, you can also choose to use jade or oil sand material made of embossed glass (such as jade sand material rainbow glass, this method is the most cost-effective).

You can also choose double glass and with the use of (such as double-sided jade sand, single-sided jade sand + wick, this way the effect of anti-peep is relatively most outstanding).



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