Aluminum bi fold windows

The Oridow sliding folding system has large openings that may combine interior and exterior rooms, producing one-of-a-kind living and social facilities. It is appropriate for use in both residential and commercial settings.

The maximum level of form and function is achieved in our systems via the combination of aluminum’s tensile and added strength with low weight.

Aluminum bi fold windows

Aluminum bi fold windows

Reliability and security are essential factors in the design process when designing any sliding or folding door system. The System has undergone extensive trials and examinations to ensure it is superior to many standards.

These Bi-Fold windows and doors are highly regarded by architects and designers not only because of their adaptability but also due to their high level of performance and their simple adaptability to the technological requirements of contemporary architecture.

Our cutting-edge bifold windows are the best method to improve any house’s aesthetics and functionality since they come with a wide variety of advantages.

Ventilation and view

The very contemporary profile is featured on bifold windows, which fold away effortlessly and neatly to maximize the amount of natural light let in, ventilation, and views.

Because of this feature, which uses an extraordinary opening mechanism that ensures great performance even after continuous usage, our aluminum bi-folding windows can be an excellent addition to any property.

These windows provide various opening configuration options, giving you more control over how they look on your home and ensuring they are the ideal fit.

You have the option of having the sashes fold inwardly or outwardly, as well as choosing the sequence in which they open, which gives you the flexibility to enjoy the advantages of either a single window or a double window design with your house.

Effectiveness of Heat Transfer

All of our aluminum bi-folding windows are crafted with a profile with a thermal break and a polyamide bridge. This combines several chambers with high-quality insulation to provide very high levels of thermal efficiency for your house.

Get a house that is not just warmer but also more comfortable and has a design ahead of the competition.

Your home’s capacity to retain heat will improve noticeably as a direct result of the high thermal efficiency that our aluminum bifold windows can achieve. In practical terms, this translates to improving the efficiency of your home’s central heating system.

Because there will be less of a need to keep the heating on as time goes on due to the great heat retention, your heating expenditures will gradually decrease.

Because you will consume less energy in general, you will be able to significantly decrease the amount of carbon dioxide you release into the atmosphere.

Very safe and sound

Our aluminum bifold windows achieve great degrees of inherent strength, and the robustness, durability, and rigidity of these windows provide excellent protection for the homeowner’s house.

We are experts in crime prevention. Installing our aluminum bi-folding windows in your Southampton home will protect you, your family, and your property from potential invaders. Don’t accept anything less than the best for yourself and your loved ones.

After that, this safe bifold window profile is supplemented with high-security, multi-point locking mechanisms to guarantee that an exceptional level of home security is maintained throughout the window frame.

The Oridow Sliding Folding System is an adaptable and flexible non-thermal broken door system. It is also available in many combinations, allowing you to achieve the style you want for your home.

A vast expanse of openness may be achieved by combining many doors, some open in while others open out, in several different designs. The slim profile guarantees maximum glazing will be accomplished, which will cause the rooms to be flooded with light.

The Oridow Sliding Folding System may be used in residential applications to replace sliding doors or open up an entire wall as part of a conservatory. The system will make the most of a stunning view or bring a garden into the house.

What are Aluminium Bi fold Windows?

Windows made of aluminum that fold back on themselves provide several advantages to homeowners of contemporary houses, including cost savings on heating and cooling, longevity, and an attractive appearance.

In addition to maximizing the amount of natural light that enters a room and opening it up, these windows provide excellent ventilation and are very easy to operate.

In the following paragraphs, we will discuss the many kinds of aluminum bifold windows, their significance, and some helpful hints for selecting the proper ones to install in your house.

Types of aluminum bi-folding windows

Aluminum windows that fold back on themselves are available in many configurations, each with its own benefits and advantages. The following are examples of some of the most common varieties of aluminum old-style windows:

Top-Hung Bi-Fold Windows

Top-hung bi-fold windows are a common option for contemporary houses. They consist of a top track designed to sustain the windows’ weight when opened and closed.

Because they do not need a significant amount of clearance to open all the way, windows of this sort are an excellent choice for locations constrained by space.

Because they can be opened just a crack at the top to let in some fresh air, top-hung bi-fold windows are another excellent choice for ventilation in a room.

Bottom Rolling Bi-Fold Windows

Bottom-rolling bi-fold windows are another common alternative. These windows include a bottom track designed to sustain the weight of the windows when they roll up from the bottom.

This kind of window works particularly well for bigger openings and may be altered to fulfill any particular needs that you may have.

Because they can be opened all the way, bottom-rolling bi-fold windows are another wonderful option for creating a smooth transition from the inside to the outside. This is because they provide an uninterrupted view of the environment outside.

Folding Stacking Bi-Fold Windows

Folding stacking bi fold windows are a fantastic alternative for people who want to create a flexible living space folding living space.

This window has several panels (like double pane or triple pane) that can be folded back and stacked neatly against the wall. This allows you to open up your living area when you need to and lock it off when you don’t want to use it.

Folding stacking bi-fold windows are great for houses and flats on the smaller side since they assist in making the most of the available space.

Tips for Purchasing Aluminium Bi Fold Windows

Size and design of your home (including patio doors)

Consider the size and design of the aperture in your home where you want to place the bi-fold windows before purchasing aluminum bi-fold windows.

Take careful measurements of the opening’s width and height to verify that your chosen windows are in the correct proportions.

The layout of the bi-fold windows, including the number of panels and the manner they fold, is another aspect of the windows that you need to take into consideration.

Energy efficiency and low maintenance exterior

Determine whether or not the windows have the required energy efficiency rating by checking their ratings.

Keep your house at a pleasant temperature throughout the year by investing in windows with a high thermal performance rating. This will help you save money on your energy bills as these windows are energy efficient.

The reputation of the bi fold window manufacturer

It is important to choose a provider with a good reputation that employs high-quality materials for their bi-fold windows.

Suppose you want your windows to survive for many years. In that case, you should look for providers that make frames out of aluminum that is sturdy and resistant to corrosion, use high-quality glass, and use excellent hardware.

Be sure that the provider you pick gives a guarantee for their items and competent installation services before purchasing from them.

Knowing that your windows have been properly fitted and that you are protected by warranty if any problems will give you a sense of calm and assurance.


The price of aluminum bifold windows might vary based on the utilized materials’ size, configuration, and quality. When deciding on the best windows for your house, you should carefully consider your available funds.

However, you shouldn’t skimp on quality to get a better deal since doing so may cost you more money in the long term.

Customizations (like the choice of all wood species, glass types, custom colors, etc.)

When selecting aluminum bifold windows, it is important to consider the many available customization possibilities. The hardware, the kind of glass, and the custom color of the frames are all examples of things that may be individualized via the customization process.

This will make it easier for you to give your house a unique appearance tailored to your decorative styles, tastes, and preferences.

Location and temperature

When purchasing an aluminum bi fold window for your home, it is important to consider both the location of your house and the temperature there.

If you reside in a region that experiences severe weather regularly or has more outside noise, you must choose windows that can endure the above circumstances.

It is also important to consider the direction of your windows since this might affect the amount of sunshine and heat that enters your house.

Aluminum bi fold windows

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