Aluminum fold out Windows

Window Performance

Additional information

U Value

1.9 W/(m²K)


47 dB

Air Tightness


Water Tightness



Non thermal break

Surface Treatment

Powder coated


Double glazed, Single glazed

Aluminum fold out windows are a beautiful alternative to double-hung windows and create new opportunities to open your living space to the outdoors. The window folds upward to an opening almost twice as large as a traditional double-hung. Aluminum fold out windows is the best option for restaurants and retail business, which can create an open flow to the outdoors without losing valuable seating.

The aluminum bifold windows which fold horizontally are also available.

Detailed Specs 40 series (From 1.5 sqm) 55 series (From 2sqm) 60 series (From 3sqm)
Withou glass US$92.5/sqm US$140/sqm US$172.5/sqm
5mm tempered glass US$112.5/sqm US$165/sqm US$200/sqm
5mm+9A+5mm / US$197.5/sqm US$230/sqm
Wall thickness 1.1-2.0mm 1.2-3mm 2.0-3.0mm
Profile width 40mm 55mm 60mm
Color Stock color: Matt Black, Matt White, Grey, Brown. Other colors are available for customized.
Package Standard package: shrink film+PE foam+corner protection.
If the wooden pallet is required, an additional cost of US$10/sqm shall be added.
Remark Opening Height ≦ 900mm. Recommend sqm≦2.5 m2 Opening Height≦1500mm.
Recommend sqm of single glazed≦7m2. Recommend sqm of double glazed≦3.5m2
Opening Height≦200mm.
Recommend sqm of single glazed≦10m2. Recommend sqm of double glazed≦ 5m2

Note: The final price is subject to the detailed window schedule, welcome to Contact Us to get the best price.

Aluminum fold out Windows


1. Window folds up and out which makes for more ventilation and easy cleaning.

2.With the hidden lifting accessories, no hydraulic rods are needed, the appearance is more beautiful, and the lifting is easier.

3.Fold out, free to stay, good stability, single-layer glass, can be insulated, reduce sun damage and reduce external noise.

4.Manual or motorized roll screens available.


Notice: No MOQ! Door-to-door service is available!



Aluminum fold out Windows

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