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Fold Out Windows

A double-hung window typically comprises two movable sashes that slide vertically. However, these windows have a limitation in that they allow less than half of the window area to be open at maximum capacity.

Now, consider our innovative fold out windows design. Instead of sliding, our window incorporates two hinged sashes, thoughtfully balanced for exceptional functionality. When fully opened, our fold out windows offer an impressive 80% of the window area for ventilation and natural light. This substantial increase in open space not only facilitates greater airflow but also presents a distinctive solution for specific egress requirements, enhancing both form and function.

Aluminum fold out windows are a beautiful alternative to double-hung windows and create new opportunities to open your living space to the outdoors. The window folds upward to an opening almost twice as large as a traditional double-hung. Aluminum fold out windows is the best option for restaurants and retail business, which can create an open flow to the outdoors without losing valuable seating.

The aluminum bifold windows which fold horizontally are also available.

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Aluminum fold out Windows

Features of fold out windows

1. Our window design is innovative and allows for effortless ventilation as well as hassle-free cleaning, thanks to its ability to fold up and outwards with ease.

2. Our lifting accessories are discreet, eliminating the need for unsightly hydraulic rods, improving the window’s aesthetics and smoother the lifting process.

3. You can enjoy the flexibility of folding the window in or out and securing it effortlessly in the position of your choice. The window has a robust construction, which offers excellent stability, and you can choose between single-layer or insulated glass, with the added option of LowE coating to protect against sun damage and minimize external noise.

4. You can customize your window according to your preference, whether you want it with or without a sill.

5. You can elevate your window experience further by choosing between manual or motorized operation, adding convenience to your daily life.


Detailed Specs 40 series (From 1.5 sqm) 55 series (From 2sqm) 60 series (From 3sqm)
Without glass US$92.5/sqm US$140/sqm US$172.5/sqm
5mm tempered glass US$112.5/sqm US$165/sqm US$200/sqm
5mm+9A+5mm / US$197.5/sqm US$230/sqm
Wall thickness 1.1-2.0mm 1.2-3mm 2.0-3.0mm
Profile width 40mm 55mm 60mm
Color Stock color: Matt Black, Matt White, Grey, Brown. Other colors are available for customization.
Package Standard package: shrink film+PE foam+corner protection.
If the wooden pallet is required, an additional cost of US$10/sqm shall be added.
Remark Opening Height ≦ 900mm. Recommend sqm≦2.5 m2 Opening Height≦1500mm.
Recommend sqm of single glazed≦7m2. Recommend sqm of double-glazed≦3.5m2
Opening Height≦200mm.
Recommend sqm of single glazed≦10m2. Recommend sqm of double-glazed≦ 5m2

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Fold Up Window Options

  1. We will use different frames based on the size of the window. This ensures that the window can be opened and closed easily and safely, while maintaining its quality.
  2. We offer fold-up windows that can be folded in or out.
  3. You can choose a window with or without a bottom rail. If you opt for a window without a bottom rail, don’t worry about damage to your countertop. The window sash is surrounded by an EPDM rubber to prevent direct contact with the countertop.
  4. We also offer an optional electrical control system for added convenience. With the electrical fold-up window, you can easily open and close the window using a remote or wall control.
  5. The mosquito screen is an optional feature for the fold out windows. Our standard mosquito screen is a retractable screen made of an aluminum frame with fiberglass mesh. In addition, we also offer an electrically controlled screen shutter that provides enhanced security and convenience.

Fold out windows


Customized Options

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