A Homeowner’s Guide to Installing Windows

Guide to Installing Windows

DIY was never your forte. So it’s understandable that you’d be nervous about installing those windows yourself.

Improper installation can lead to overall poor performance for your home products, as well as air infiltration and moisture intrusion. But have no fear.

With a few tips from Oridow, you’ll have no trouble installing your windows. Just follow the rules and you’re good to go!

Tips on Installing Windows in Your Home

Get the Right Fit

Even double-paned windows won’t be able to help you save energy if there’s no proper insulation around the fit. When creating the trim for your window, make sure it is exact in measurement and is big enough to just fit.

Check for air leaks and caulk any section that gives you a feeling of a draft.

Use a Tape Measure instead of a Level for a perfect square

Levels aren’t that helpful when it comes to squaring off that window opening. You can get a more accurate measurement by measuring from the top right down to the bottom left corner.

Then measure the length from the top left corner down to the bottom right. If the measurements are the same, this means your window is perfectly square.

Use a 2-Foot Level for the Shims

To ensure a perfect fit, use a 2-foot level to ensure that there are no bulges in the middle of the window. This will assure you that the window will open and close properly.

Install A/C Building Code Pointers and Cautions

Let’s take the example of external glass patio doors. When installing such doors in a home unit, follow all specific rules set according to the local building code. For instance, if the patio door leads to separate rooms, all doors must be accessible by wheelchair and should have a minimum clearance width of 32 inches. The external door threshold and glass sliding door tracks should not exceed ½ or ¾ inch, and should have a clearance width of 36 inches.

Additional Tips on Installing Windows

  • Never apply clear film to the glass, unless it is directed by the window or door manufacturer. Adding film to the glass can lead to glass breakage due to heat buildup.
  • Be cautious when welding after installing windows or doors. Protect the frame and the glass from the welding flash so there’s no damage.
  • Shield faming surfaces from corrosive material such as sulfuric acid and mortar. These can damage the material of the frame, and are often found in cleaning solutions.
  • When creating access for alarm systems, never drill throughthe window or door. This allows water and moisture to penetrate into places that are quite difficult to dry out.

Installing Doors and Windows

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