Winter Has Come – Get Your Cracked Windows Replaced!


Oh, the weather outside is frightful, and the fire is so delightful!

But wait a minute, where did that chilly breeze come from? Have the ghosts of Christmas finally come, is the door to your home open, or is it that tiny crack in your window that was a hairline last summer but resembles a fine braid that’s just ready to come undone?

Although you may feel slightly chastened now that your good winter-loving mood is ruined, we urge you to quit moping. Instead, use the information that we provide below, and have your window replaced so that you can enjoy your Christmas warm and chilly inside your beloved abode!

What you should do to replace Your Window?

First of all, stop thinking that the crack won’t come undone soon. Using temporary fixes to keep your window from cracking won’t stop it from giving way, especially if the weather continues to affect your home. Cracked glass can hurt you if you’re not careful so it’s best if you take the right steps now to avoid an injury.

Damage Control

Before the crack spreads, take the following measures to slow it down.

Use masking tape to stabilize the glass. Your window would need proper support, so tape the crack on both sides of the glass to stop it from getting further.

Secondly, use acetone on the surface of the glass to clean it, apply superglue to contain the crack so that it doesn’t split apart.

candle-on-the-windowClimate Protection

A cracked window will obviously not provide any insulation for your room. Instead of just letting it be, use some plastic and cover the window with it. Search for kits that offer insulation solutions that can be applied to your window with a hair dryer.

If this does not work, use bubble wrap between the windowpanes. Also, while doing so, use the opportunity to check for any other gaps around the frame and glass. This will give you a chance to understand how much of the window you will need to fix when your replacement glass arrives.

Contact a Window Supplier

As soon as possible, get your glass replaced by contacting a window supplier and skilled technicians for your window fitting. If you have had uPVC windows, you may easily be able to find affordable windowpanes from sources such as Oridow, the leading windows and doors manufacturers. However, if your windows are old, now may be the time to invest in some modern insulated glass units.

This way, the new energy efficient windows will help you save hundreds of dollars on your heat bills each year.

Buying from Oridow

Companies such as Oridow produce windows in a large selection of materials such as aluminum and uPVC.

Choose the best window option for your home, contact Oridow for more guidance and make the right choice so you can enjoy your winter in a happy and toasty home!



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