Top 4 Patio Door Window Treatment Ideas

Patio Door Window

Aesthetically speaking, patio doors are a great way to allow natural light in a room.

Considering this, you need some creative ideas to enhance the overall look of your home as well as maintain its functionality at best. After all, what good would it be if the door treatments hinder functionality and natural light?

Traditionally, people prefer vertical blinds or drapes, but there several other ideas that you can incorporate. Here are a few ideas that will help you enhance the look and functionality of your patio doors!

Integral Blinds

The most technologically advanced blinds in the recent market. These blinds can be fully opened, shut or tilted as per your requirement. This allows you to maintain the amount of sunlight and prying eyes you want to let it.

Fitted inside a double glazed, argon gas filled unit means minimal maintenance! It allows you to access your backyard as well as control the amount of sunlight you want to let in during winter.


Curtains add a dramatic effect to any room. They are probably the quickest and easiest way to step out onto the patio while also adding a glamorous touch to your room.

Curtains comes in various designs, fabrics and colors; you can play around and pick a choice of curtains to help with your interior décor. The material chosen for patio door curtains should be light that can be easily stashed away to avoid any slips or fall while passing through the doorway.


Somewhere between casual, yet classy, is where you find patio shades.

There are many options, such as translucent, transparent or fabric shades. Patio doors needs enough space to walk through easily, so having horizontal shades are not practical; vertical shades works wonders! You can choose to slide them on either side of the window or just gather them in the center of your window.

Louvre Shutter

Louvre Shutter

You might think they are old-school, but recently Louvre Shutters have taken the world by storm.

They are simple and classy. If you have large doors, these shutters will enable you to keep them open or shut as required. Louvre Shutters can be installed in slider option as well, which leaves open space for you to walk through without worrying about anyone tripping.

Along with these basic benefits, these shutters add a dramatic classy touch to your interior décor. Contemporary yet classy aluminum louvre windows are a perfect addition to any home.

With plenty of windows treatments to opt from, you can create a perfect look to enhance the interior décor of your home.

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