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Want to sound proof your windows? This ultimate guide will help you everything about sound proof windows.

Soundproof windows

There is no any better way to block out the world’s noise than to soundproof a window. There is good news, we know the best ways to soundproof windows or how to make windows less noisy. 

If you are someone who knows the top benefits of modern soundproofing for windows design and window installation processes, your clients might love your work. You will have a great chance to please them if your clients complain about the noise of their neighbors’ lawnmowers and dogs.

Stop searching if you are looking for some professional advice on soundproofing for windows. Most effective methods for soundproofing and noise-proofing windows require a combination of scientific research and careful design.

The style, material, aesthetic, type of noise pollution, and desired goal; all play a major role in determining the best answer to how soundproof windows work. Some of the most important aspects of sound proof window work are covered in this post so read till the end!

The Best Definition of Soundproof Windows

Many individuals hope that if they ignore what is troubling them, such as a noisy neighbor or loud music, it will go away on its own. The good news is that there is an alternative to every issue if you’re seeking the right solution. 

As a sincere window manufacturer, you may be able to help them find relief from the noise by arranging the best soundproofing windows.

Although no glass can totally block out outside noise, there are still some important measures that you may do to lessen the noisy impact. More people are looking for ways to make their homes quieter because of the growing problem of noise pollution in crowded urban areas. We will be discussing some important factors in the upcoming paragraphs.

Soundproofing Principles

If you want your sound proof window to be truly soundproof, you need them to have an STC rating of 45 to 55.

The typical STC rating for sound proof windows is 18 to 38, meaning that it blocks between 15 and 50 percent of ambient noise your clients hate. However, a soundproof window with a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of 45 or higher will effectively prevent 75% to 95% of outside noise from entering your home.

It is your job to make sure when you explain how soundproof window works the best, the above rule is followed.  Even if you install window inserts or window plugs, following the rule is important.

Factors Affecting the Sound Insulation Effect of Windows

In addition to installing new windows completely, there are a few more important measures you may take to lessen the impact of outside noise on your customers.

.The following are some of the greatest ways to boost the STC rating of a window and improve its ability to dampen ambient noise from the outside. Have a look below.

Thicker Glass Panes 

A window’s ability to muffle sound decreases in proportion to its mass. In simple words, the more the mass, the less noise issues gets in the window opening. A thick pane of glass does a better job of dampening noise than a thin one. 

To maximize efficiency, double (double paned windows) or even triple-glazing the windows with additional panes (triple pane windows) of glass is a great choice. You could also install secondary glazing, which involves merely adding another pane of glass to already existing single-glazed windows. It works even better if you seal window gaps and block light pollution too. No need for entire window replacement to block noise.

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Wider Separation Between the Glass Panes

More air space between panes of glass means better noise insulation. It is possible to further minimize noise by using gases to insulate the gap. The gases work by absorbing and canceling the noise before it leaves the gap and enters a room. Without these gases, the noise will easily travel outside and create chaos that your customer hate. 

The standard air space is 6A, 9A, 12A and 15A.  The exact choice of which space to choose depends on the configuration of the window type and the section of the selected profile.


Laminated Glass

If you put a plastic screen made of laminated material in between the panes of glass (laminated glass) , the sound will scatter more effectively. As a result, it will allow you to lower the volume of the outside world without sacrificing the quality of your client’s view. Between the panes of glass, a film of PVB (polyvinyl butyral) can dampen outside noise without diminishing visibility. 

The window’s ability to keep outside sounds out is increased by this measure. Also, the plastic is see-through and doesn’t diminish the glass’s transparency or clarity in any way. Your customers will love this idea of sound reduction. 

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EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) Seals

EPDM is a form of synthetic rubber. It is frequently used in weatherproofing applications such as roofing, window, and door seals. It inhibits heat transfer as well as noise problem. EPDM Membrane can be used to close off an area, keeping out air and water as well as punching noises and sound vibrations. The best thing in sound proof for windows is that it is also versatile enough to protect delicate surfaces like glass.

Opening method

If you’re looking for the best possible soundproofing for windows, your best bet is always going to be a thicker casement window as opposed to a sliding window. One half of a sliding window, made up of two individual panes of glass, which glides horizontally over its counterpart to open or close. However, they do not have the same level of security and noise cancellation as compared to casements.

Single Pane Windows vs. Double Pane Windows in Detail

The STC of single-pane windows ranges from 26 to 28, which is barely higher than the STC of ordinary windows. But at the same time, still significantly lower than that of soundproof windows. By closing the sound proof windows, the 70 dB of outside car noise can be reduced to 42 dB. (70 minus 28). 

Double-pane windows, on the other hand, have an STC rating of 26 to 35. This is because the air gap between the panes helps to dampen the vibration of outside sounds before they can penetrate the interior. 

A double-pane window with an STC of 35 would reduce the sound of a passing car by 7 decibels, compared to a single-pane window with an STC of 28 (70 minus 35). Despite how small it seems, a listener will perceive an 87 percent volume drop with just a 7-dB difference. This is a huge difference for a customer who seeks complete noise insulation while living near a busy road. 

Noise Abatement and Soundproofing

Noise issue is a major problem in the world today, and the main culprits are human beings,  airplanes, heavy machines, trains, cars, and trucks. Laws enacted by governments are helpful, but victims are generally left with few options other than to endure the noise or come up with their own solutions.

Overdevelopment of business and residential structures causes predictable and persistent challenges, including increased urban noise on a daily basis. Loss of habitat for many species of birds and animals is a serious concern, as is noise-induced hearing loss.

Whatever the root of the problem may be, we are here to help find a solution for your customers to the problem of noise.

Here are some most randome examples of frequent noise kinds that can be blocked by noise reduction windows and window inserts:

  • Road Traffic

  • Trains Rail and Tube

  • Aircraft and Flight Path

  • Anti- Social Noise Pollution

By keeping the above factors in mind, you can provide the best answer to how to soundproof a window for your clients. 

The Importance of Window Soundproofing

Fortunately, considerable energy efficiency can be achieved without sacrificing the quality of acoustic control. The same air that blows in outside noise via window frame also blows in the air that needs to be cooled or heated, which reduces how efficiently energy is used. 

Choosing high-performance soundproof windows and window inserts that reduce energy expenditures also reduces noise pollution. 

It is equally important to ensure proper sealing was done during the installation process. According to the experts, this is because weather stripping is typically the system’s weak link, it is the best strategy to prevent noise intrusion. 

When compared to wood or glass window frame, it’s far simpler to break through. By adding weatherstripping to both the frame and the sash, you may greatly limit the amount of dust, water, air, and sound that can seep in via the cracks.

Manufacturers are attempting to develop new types of windows and window frame with improved soundproofing. Interfering with the sound waves progressing through the window is the key. Using a glass of varying thicknesses, as discussed above, causes the waves to vibrate in different ways. As a result, deflecting them in the perfect manner. 

An additional layer, such as a tri-pane system, can be useful as well. Manufacturers of soundproof windows accomplish this acoustic disruption by including baffles and catacomb-like systems within the hollow extrusions. These features also serve to generate thermal breaks, which contribute to the window’s overall efficiency.


We’re well aware of the fact that each and every one of our clients has unique preferences when it comes to windows and window inserts. The need for better acoustic performance in windows is becoming increasingly apparent to the window industry. 

There might be many of your clients who are victims of cruel issues like sleeping problems, anxiety, and stress. Why not provide the best solution for how to block sound by installing soundproof window for their better health?

A lack of attention at school or work is often the result of restless nights, which could affect your customer’s life more than you might expect. The above factors will make sure your clients sleep peacefully.

Is It Good As Melted Wax? Things you Need to Know

To save you from worries, here are some facts you need to know about our wax supplies:

If you want to safeguard your health, sleep better at night, and keep noise outside the existing window frame to where it belongs, installing soundproof windows is a great first step to block sound.

The term "dampening" is used to describe any method used to lessen vibration. It can be sound dampening curtains. This is accomplished by decreasing the amplitude of sound waves as they travel through the air, liquid, or solid media. Since glass and wood naturally absorb noise, it is often recommended as a "dampener" for audio in soundproofing windows. People also hang sound dampening curtains.

Using high-quality engineering, laminated soundproof glass, and sound-dampening solid frames for existing windows, you will be able to significantly limit the amount of noise pollution entering your client’s home while keeping the vibrations to a minimum.

Separate from your primary window panes is secondary acoustic glazing. You won't have to spend money on new triple-glazed soundproofing windows or frames or perform any other substantial renovations when you choose to upgrade your existing windows to double-glazing. It's simple to install double-glazed windows.


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