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Should You Choose Aluminum Louvre Windows for Your Home?

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    Currently decorating a home or working on a renovation project? You need doors and windows to match the interior design.

    There are a lot of options you can choose from. Make sure the design you pick speaks for the personal style of those living under that roof.

    Windows, in particular, must be functional and still work as statement pieces in the overall décor. For instance, aluminum Louvre windows are both high performance and stylish.

    Will Louvre windows work for you?

    The style part is on point. They are constructed as horizontal glass slats, similar in looks to Venetian blinds, except more wider. These are typically used in areas with warmer climate.

    Louvre windows look exceptional in porches and verandahs. You can open, close or tilt them, regulating the amount of light and fresh air that gets in.

    These windows let the air in through almost the entire width. When opened, it’s like free of cost air conditioning for your home. Better yet, you can control the strength of breeze by simply titling it to a more feasible angle.

    When closed, the seal is tight enough to keep wind and water out. So, if the weather changes all of a sudden, you’ve only got to close (or tilt) the window.

    Why aluminum?

    why aluminumAluminum has several advantages over steel, timber and other materials. The same benefits translate for Louvre windows as well.

    First off, aluminum frames are timeless. Their appearance is everlasting and requires little to no maintenance.

    Aluminum blades can create a stylish visual screen. Moreover, aluminum is resistant to rust and so there’s no need to paint it. This saves you additional cost on the project.

    While most people love the original silvery look of aluminum windows, there are tons of powder coat options available for finishing too.

    Go for it!

    Louvre windows are often opted by those who want to give a unique feel to their home. If you’re one of them, it will be a good starting point for the renovation.

    Our Louvre windows are sleek and durable. While traditionally installed in porches and similar spaces, we recommend installing them in smaller rooms as well. These will be efficient and space savvy options for laundry areas, corridors, narrow hallways and even bathrooms.

    Featuring a set of glass slats fixed in aluminum frames, these windows offer easy sliding function via a lever. Open slats for maximum air flow, tilt to control, or close to during peak sunlight hours or rainfall.

    Stop by our online shop for to browse our windows and doors collection. We are one of the leading aluminum window manufacturers; you’ll surely find a window to fit your home!

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