Rebuilding from the Rubbles: Starting Anew Post Hurricane Irma

Rebuilding from the Rubbles

September this year, Hurricane Irma struck the state of Florida with a storm that led to a massive evacuation, leaving millions of people and animals displaced.

With over 90% of buildings facing destruction, Harvey and Irma have known to have caused over $200 billion worth of damage.

Facing such damage is harsh on the economy as a whole, however, you have to get back up and start life as a new. That begins by reconstructing lost homes and this time, rebuilding using materials that will guarantee withstanding such tragedies.

It’s time to look ahead

While the hurricane is still underway, it’s best to start taking precautions and building up your home to effectively deal with the impact. Here are a few tips you can follow:

Step #1: Assess the damage

The damage done by Irma is no doubt, quite severe. However, not every resident is damaged in the similar way.

Due to its location, proximity, built and a range of other factors, some homes face less damage as compared to others. The first step to effectively rebuilding your home is to ensure just how severe the damage is. You would need to ensure you have a professional contractor with you at all times during the assessment.

Step #2: Preparing for rebuilding

Once you’ve assessed the damage, you know exactly what your priorities are. Your new home will need to be such that it can withstand natural disasters that may strike in the later years.

It will, of course, need constant maintenance but your main focus should be making the new home more durable than before. That means using materials that are much stronger to withstand future disasters; your main focus should be on:

  • Walls
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Roofs

The external structures are the most crucial and also most susceptible to damage.

Step #3: Purchasing the items

When you’re out purchasing the items for rebuilding, get top quality products. Looking for low price products often results in getting low quality products as well. If you have an expert contractor, he will help you pick out the best items.

While they may be able to help you out with the external structure of your home, it’s necessary that you base your focus on the doors and windows. Those are often the weakest, yet the most important parts of your home.

Why doors and windows?

People often use aluminum doors and windows for their homes and it’s often a great idea but when you’re rebuilding from a hurricane, you need to make sure they are able to withstand the problem.

While doors need to be focused on, windows are known to create much more damage. Heavy winds tend to shatter them and cause damage to individuals which is why you should opt for hurricane impact windows.

These can withstand the terrible effects of hurricanes and stay intact for a long time.

Hurricane Irma may have caused severe damage, but it will never be able to damage the spirits of its victims. For sturdy, quality and affordable hurricane impact windows, contact us for a wide range of doors, windows and glass options.



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