The gorgeous twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago are known all over the world for their exotic birds, cuisine, and exceptional beaches. But don’t let the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea lull you into a false sense of security as it only takes a few minutes for tragedy to strike—these islands are notorious for frequent storms and hurricanes.

As recently as June 2017, the beautiful beaches of Trinidad and Tobago were shocked to the core when Tropical Storm Bret hit – causing more than $3 million USD in damages and claiming the lives of two Trinidadians.

Owing to the country’s record with storms and hurricanes, it’s safe to say that it pays to develop a proactive approach. In particular, by taking the necessary precautionary steps, the unwavering people of Trinidad and Tobago can guarantee the safety of their loved ones when Mother Nature strikes!

The Best Hurricane Impact Windows:

A simple and cost-effective way to guarantee the safety of your loved ones from natural calamities strikes is to install impact-absorbent windows that won’t budge under harsh winds or unforgiving rains. Installing these hurricane resistant windows will also add an additional layer of security to your house, improve its structural integrity, and also minimize the financial impact of the hurricane.

It’s a well-known fact that (often) the most dangerous consequence of hurricanes is the damage caused to windows which tend to break and become airborne in the harsh winds. This means that there’s no telling where these shards of glass may end up. There have been countless reported incidents of people being severely injured by broken glass in case of hurricanes.

That being said, you can minimize the chances of this happening to you or your loved ones by installing storm and hurricane resistant windows in your house. Owing to incredible engineering, these windows are impact-absorbent which means they will weather the storm and not break in the event of a hurricane!

Also, ORIDOW’s selection of hurricane impact windows is competitively priced so you don’t have to worry about breaking the bank just to guarantee the safety of your loved ones!

So, if you’re looking to buy affordable hurricane windows in Trinidad and Tobago, pick up the phone and get in touch with us today as we have a large selection of hurricane impact windows which will make your house storm and hurricane resistant!

Hurricane Impact Glass

5mm tempered galss+0.76pvb+5mm tempered glass

5mm tempered galss+0.76pvb+5mm tempered glass+6A+5mm tempered glass

8mm tempered galss+1.14pvb+8mm tempered glass

8mm tempered galss+1.14pvb+8mm tempered glass+6A+5mm tempered glass