The Caribbean island of Saint Lucia is known far and wide for its sunny beaches, kind-hearted people and pristine waters. And even though the country has a near picture-perfect landscape, it’s no secret that the strong and resolute people of this country have been fighting an uphill battle with storms and hurricanes for years.

Even though the country was expected to be affected by the infamous Hurricane Irma, Saint Lucia came out relatively unscathed as its residents only experienced a little extra rain. However, that proved to be mere a warning shot as, a few months later, Hurricane Maria bore down on and caused millions of dollars in damages.

As we simply cannot nullify Mother Nature, it’s better to fortify our defenses so as to be better prepared when storms and hurricanes strike. In particular, by developing a proactive approach and taking the right steps, residents of Saint Lucia can pretty much guarantee their safety and well being in the event of a storm or a hurricane!

The Best Hurricane Impact Windows:

Hurricane impact windows may sound like an ineffective solution at first but it’s important to understand how they can guarantee your safety when Mother Nature strikes. First and foremost, our hurricane windows are completely impact-absorbent, which means that you can expect them to weather the storm and not budge under harsh winds or unforgiving rainfall.

Secondly, installing these hurricane resistant windows will also improve the structural integrity of your house.

As shards of glass from broken windows are one of the leading causes of fatalities (in the event of a hurricane), you can effectively minimize the chances of the same happening to you and your loved ones by installing these storm and hurricane resistant windows in your house.

With the firm belief that safety is the birthright of every individual (and not just the elite), the ORIDOW team has made these impeccable hurricane impact windows available at economical rates! This mean that you don’t have to pay over the odds just to ensure the safety of your loved ones when a storm strikes or a hurricane hits!

If you’re looking for the best hurricane windows money can buy at an affordable price, the ORIDOW team would love to help! Browse through our ever-expanding library of hurricane impact windows and pick a product which is guaranteed to make your house more storm and hurricane resistant.

Hurricane Impact Glass

5mm tempered galss+0.76pvb+5mm tempered glass

5mm tempered galss+0.76pvb+5mm tempered glass+6A+5mm tempered glass

8mm tempered galss+1.14pvb+8mm tempered glass

8mm tempered galss+1.14pvb+8mm tempered glass+6A+5mm tempered glass


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