Don’t Open Your Doors, Change Them!

Don’t Open Your Doors

Doors are often overlooked in home renovations. We focus on the wall paint, flooring, the ceiling—but simply fail to consider your home’s first line of entrance: the door.

While they may not come with an expiry date, you still need to keep track of any major changes that may be occurring with your door. Just like windows, doors also make a major part of your space and since they’re the main entrance to your home, all the focus goes on it.

Whether it’s UPVC or aluminum doors, it’s important that you’re aware of when to replace it.

Here are a few signs you can look into to understand exactly when it’s time to change your doors:

Sign #1: Energy efficiency goes down

If you notice a constant draught and moisture into your home, followed by high electricity bills, there’s a chance that it could be because of your door.

Letting drafts and air into your home automatically decreases the energy efficiency of your home, and in turn, raises your electricity bills. With the lack of temperature control, it takes more energy to regulate it, thereby increasing the bills. You can make sure that the problem lies within your door by inspecting the wood or frame and notice any draft coming in from there.

Sign #2: Your door starts to cry

Basically, you face squeaky hinges. While it may seem like a simply oiling will do the trick, they’re often considered temporary fixes.

Remember to pay close attention to noises emanating from your door because that’s usually the first sign of it wearing down. It’s also quite unsafe since damaged hinges can easily be forced open by intruders.

Sign #3: Pests inside your home?

If you notice an influx of insects inside your home, it’s probably because of your doors. Doors are known to keep things outside, however, a worn-out door tends to allow insects, dust and most of the outside into your home. This makes your home requiring proper fumigation and cleaning.

Sign #4: Deteriorating quality of your door

If your door appears to have cracks and holes, it’s definitely time for a change. These are often signs of a weakened door structure and it attracts more bugs into your home.

No matter how good the quality of the door you purchase, it will have to face deterioration over time.

It’s important to keep a track of these signs and make sure you don’t face too much trouble. The quality of the product you buy ensures how long the door will last. That is why it’s important you invest in the best products available.

You can simply contact us and we’ll help you avail the best aluminum doors and windows for your home!



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