Cost, Maintenance And Energy Efficiency Of Aluminum Window Frames

Aluminum Window Frames

Homeowners prefer window frames that offer it all: a strong and durable product that can withstand the storms and a structure that is both light and delicate looking.

It is possible to have it all, and you shouldn’t settle for anything less than this!

As a popular window manufacturer, Oridow knows what’s best for you! Aluminum frame windows have all these qualities and a lot more to offer.

Combine a light frame boasting incredible strength, and you have an affordable window style. Its variety of designs and color options are only a start.

Lower costs

The clean, crisp lines of aluminum window frames will definitely appeal your taste. The question is not whether it’s a great option or not, but what would it cost to have these frames installed in your house.

Well, the actual cost varies with the design, color and other aspects that you’re free to choose. Let us tell you one thing though: it’s a lot more affordable than wood fiberglass, and even vinyl frames.

As manufacturers, we can advise some of the best options for your budget. Or, check our various aluminum windows on our website.

Little to no maintenance

aluminum windowPast models were resistant to corrosion. But new models can withstand rust and decay as they are coated and protected while still in the factory.

This saves the frames from damage and ensures they last for years to come. There is little to no threat to aluminum frames from weather elements, so you can save on maintenance costs.

Routine cleaning with a mild detergent will keep them shining. These frames look as good as new even after years of usage.

High energy efficiency

Aluminum window frames conduct light and heat. A thermal break in introduced to make them more energy efficient.

You can find these thermally broken aluminum windows at Oridow. In fact, you can also opt for double-hung windows to further improve their energy efficiency.

This helps you reduce energy costs during both cold and warm weather. In summers, the frame doesn’t let the heat enter, reducing the cost on cooling. In winters, the heat will remain inside reducing cost on heating.

Aluminum windows are not a flashy design option. Instead, they have a classic appeal, appreciated by most buyers. Strong and durable, these frames can support large expanse of glass and a classy touch to your home.

To find the best in the market, visit Oridow. We promise not to disappoint you with our range of aluminum window options!



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