The Clear Choice: Aluminum Windows

When you’re looking to invest in windows for your home or any other property, you have a vast range of options available to you. However, you’ll notice that aluminum is quite the popular material choice. This is, of course, for good reason. Aluminum windows have a lot to offer to property owners looking to install them.

Highly Durable

One of the main aspects of aluminum that makes it so appealing is its high strength and durability. This makes it a very long-lasting option for windows. Corrosion and water does not have much of an impact on it. It remains protected from the ravages of the environment and the weather.

Simple Maintenance Needs

Due to the sturdiness of the material, aluminum windows are very easy to take care of. Their maintenance needs are quite simple and easy to do yourself! Most aluminum frames can be cleaned with water or a water and soap solution.

cost-effective aluminum windowsCost-Effective

Aluminum is a not a very costly material. It’s present in abundance, and used in a lot of avenues of manufacturing.

Due to the economical nature of the material, it makes aluminum windows a very affordable option!


There is absolutely no limit on how many times you can recycle aluminum, making it an eco-friendly product. It’s very easy to recycle as well, which promotes more frequent reuse and recycling.

Fire Resistant

It’s generally a good idea to take the safety of you and your family into consideration when making a window choice. Aluminum is resistant to fire, which should automatically put it at the top of your choice list.

Malleable Material

Aluminum may be very strong and sturdy, but it’s very malleable too. They can be molded into any window shape desired, and still remain highly unlikely to beak under pressure.

Colored Aluminum windowsEndless Color Options

There is no limitation in the choice of colors used to paint over aluminum window frames. You can get whichever color you wish to go with the rest of your décor!

We at Oridow provide the best in aluminum doors and windows. When it comes to windows, we offer various styles to choose from to suit your needs! Our collection includes aluminum sliding windows, tilt-turn windows, casement windows, and aluminum bi-fold windows. Contact us at 86 591 8803 7851 and get a price quote on the style you prefer!



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