Bay Windows – Let The Light Filter In!

Offering a sweeping view and plenty of light, bay windows are more than a practical solution to the rising costs of energy bills. Consisting of three windows that are arranged in an arc, this style creates an interesting sight.

For the indoors, it provide a cozy alcove to relax and read, style with potted plants, or enjoy a quiet breakfast. The middle window is picturesque and flanked by (usually) smaller windows on both sides.

Most often found in kitchens, these are also great additions for living rooms. With glass on all three sides, they allow sunlight to filter in all day long.

Added light is one superb advantage!

These windows are styled at angles of 30° or 45° to allow maximum light to filter in. Other angles are also possible, but these are the most preferred ones.

Why the angled construction, you may ask! It lets in light at multiple angles, ensuring a more efficient solution throughout the four seasons. It’ll definitely beat your traditional windows come winter!

It also offers a great view from the indoors. The vast expanse of glass and thin frame will allow you to enjoy the outside landscape. It’s an impressive option for days where one loves to have a taste of outdoors without putting the shoes on!

A versatile style option!

Bay WindowsThere’s this misconception that bay windows will only look good with Victorian style homes. That’s not true¾you don’t need to live in a traditional English town to install bay windows.

It’s a popular enhancement in modern homes these days. Go out; take a survey of your neighborhood. You’ll surely find a number of homes sporting bay windows.

The biggest advantage is that they can be installed almost anywhere on your property. Living rooms, kitchen, dining areas, you name it and it’s a good place to install bay windows.

Go exotic and arrange a banquet style seating in the area around bay windows.

Variety at Oridow!

We have a range of uPVC window styles available, including bay windows. In fact, you can find both standard 30° and 45° angled designs to choose from.

Check out the glass, color and hardware options to install a fully customized window! The overall costs depend on your final choices. Let us know what you like and request a quote today.

We also offer Aluminum doors and windows options, as well as in uPVC styles. Pick a design of your choosing and enjoy competitive rates.



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