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Aluminum vs. UPVC Doors and Windows


Windows and doors are a long-term investment for your property.

Understanding that, we offer some intel so you can make the right choice between the most common options in windows and doors; aluminum and UPVC.

Choosing Between UPVC and Aluminum

Aside from the traditional choice of hardwood frames, aluminum and UPVC windows and doors offer much more in terms of durability, energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal.


In comparison to UPVC, aluminum is more expensive due to its manufacturing and installation costs.

Since UPVC has become more popular as of late, demand for it has made UPVC a more affordable choice.

Though it is predicted that aluminum will one day match the demand of UPVC, for the time being, UPVC emerges as the more affordable choice.


Aluminum doors and windows are robust and typically have a longer lifespan than their UPVC counterparts. With proper care and maintenance, aluminum products can last indefinitely. That being said, UPVC windows and doors also provide the same service. Nevertheless, if you purchase cheap or substandard products, the frames can degrade over time, costing you in the long run.

Energy Saving

When considering your energy efficiency options, you can’t go wrong with either option. Aluminum and UPVC windows offer the same level of energy efficiency thanks to their internal profile. Equally retentive in keeping your home warm, both options work perfectly as thermal insulators.

Aesthetic Appeal

Aluminum frames are sleek, chic and offer strong durability and a slim profile, even while holding thick glass panes.

In contrast, UPVC windows offer the same support, but are simpler in design than aluminum frames. Nevertheless, with us, you have a choice of UPVC window colors in an extensive range, in accordance with your style and taste.


UPVC windows and doors are undoubtedly the best option if you consider maintenance an issue. Thanks to their plasticized material, UPVC products are easier to clean, and only require a wipe-down with a cloth to look good as new.

Aluminum windows also offer an ease of maintenance since they are resistant to corrosion and are weatherproof.

Buying Windows and Doors from Oridow!

Oridow offers aluminum and UPVC windows and doors at affordable prices!

We also provide information that you may need if you have questions about the home improvement industry.

If you want our help, contact us today!

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