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How to Have an Energy Efficient Home

Building energy efficient is the next big thing! You should make sure that your home saves you money and is contributes to the development of an energy efficient society and environment. For ensuring building of an energy efficient home you should invest in these energy efficient equipments:


Insulation rolls can be purchased as low as $15 from any home improvement store. This cheap investment can save as much as 20 percent. Insulation keeps your home warm in winters and cool in summers, thus are an important aspect when building an energy efficient home.

Mechanical Ventilation

Mechanical ventilations prevent air leakage and are part of super efficient homes. Air tight homes with air sealing do not allow outside air in their home. This is where mechanical ventilation comes into play. It recycles heat and brings fresh air inside the house. It brings in a fresh stream of filtered air and prevents mold issues. Another method of preventing air leaks is weather stripping. They cost as low as $5 but can prevent up to 30 to 40 percent air leaks.

Energy Efficient Windows

Old windows in your home might not be in perfect shape now. Replace leaky windows with high efficient energy efficient windows. UPVC windows are perfect for this purpose. They are not only energy efficient, but are economical as well. With thermal insulation, they provide the right amount of heat and light inside, while saving your electricity and gas bills. With stainless screen window screen, maintenance costs of these windows are low too!

Replacing old Equipment with Energy Efficient Equipments

HVAC systems are now outdated and you should replace them. When doing so, make sure that the new system is energy efficient. You can lower your bills with the help of energy efficient systems, but before installation, make sure that your home is properly sealed and insulated or else the new energy efficient system will not work.



Fluorescent Light Bulbs

Compact fluorescent light bulbs last four to ten times longer as compared to the regular light bulbs. Installing them will help you conserve energy, and will also lower your electricity bills. Although these fluorescent bulbs are expensive, but they last longer, thus are worth the investment.


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