Choosing Between uPVC And Aluminum Windows

Aluminum Windows

So you’ve just decided to start building your own home and suddenly, you feel overwhelmed with all the decisions and choices you have to make. Getting the right cement and insulation for the particular type of window and door for each room, you feel that you are bombarded with different tasks. While you do think like you might have a handle on things, it is when you are faced with the specifics that you sense your confusion rising.

One aspect of home construction which can really irk many is that of the choice between aluminum and uPVC windows. Knowing which window can go with your home is necessary, especially if you are a first time homeowner. So we, here at Oridow, are going to tell you the different features that come with aluminum windows and uPVC windows so that you can make the most apt choice for your home.

Aluminum Window TypeAluminum Windows

Aluminum windows aren’t just for commercial buildings. For those homeowners seeking to have a more modern and minimalist edge to their home, aluminum windows and doors become their go-to choice. However, apart from their sleek look, what else do aluminum windows offer? Firstly, because aluminum is a strong material, it tends to support more weight, even if the frame is designed to be slimmer than the usual frames. Most people choose slimmer aluminum windows because this allows the glass size to be bigger, which in turn lets in more light into the home.

Along with being environment friendly, aluminum is also one of the most durable materials to be used for windows, and with its rust and peel proof qualities, it allows the owner a long lasting appearance with more finesse.

Old Aluminum WindowsuPVC Windows

Even for homeowners, uPVC isn’t something that they’d hear about for the first time. uPVC is a widely used material for many buildings, and with factors such as great insulation and energy efficiency, it is a very popular option among commercial customers. Along with being very versatile, uPVC windows and doors also cost very less than the usual choices amongst the lot, which make them a very smart investment for those homeowners who want to put down their roots. UPVC windows require low maintenance which means that with one vigorous sweep of a warm and damp cloth is enough to make them sparkle again.

UPVC windows are also made of a very strong material which works quite efficiently against any harsh weather elements which might threaten the safety of the home, and with their insulating features, they also help by keeping the electricity and gas bills down when it comes to the sweltering summers and brisk winter season.

While both are equally a good choice for a home, you have to decide based on your need. Aluminum windows do offer a unique aesthetic appeal which uPVC might not be able to provide. On the other hand, uPVC windows are more affordable and easily maintained. Either way, you have to remember that choosing the right window can make a significant difference for your home if you get the right material from a reliable company such as Oridow. So go ahead and give us a call if you want to know more and make the right choice for your home’s beauty and safety.



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