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Top Myths About uPVC Windows and Doors (Part II)

uPVC Windows

We continue to explore common myths and misconceptions about installing uPVC doors and windows at your premises. Business rivalry is another reason why you hear myths and rumors about a given product. For example, as uPVC products continue to provide you good value for your money, manufacturers of traditional windows and doors feel the pressure.

In your quest to separate facts from myths, Oridow continues to provide their valuable advices. Check out some more common myths and their answers below:

1. All uPVC Doors and Windows are useless against fire emergency

Fact: A common myth has it that all uPVC doors and windows don’t provide adequate protection against fire breakouts. Truth to be told, even conventional windows and doors that are made out of plastic or wood are equally vulnerable to fire.

Your typical wooden window or door will only withstand fire for 40 minutes or so. Even metallic frames and doors are not safe. They heat up to dangerous levels. Contrary to this, uPVC window and door will not allow fire to accelerate due to special material that doesn’t ignite easily. Moreover, it also boasts a very low combustion rate and doesn’t heat quickly, giving you ample time to take precautionary measures.

2. Use of glass makes uPVC products a security hazard

Fact: Au contraire, windows and doors made out of aluminum are more vulnerable to most security risks. In fact, uPVC windows and doors are more durable and strong when compared to their wood or aluminum counterparts. For instance, uPVC products are prepared with Galvanized Iron (GI) which is more sturdy and durable than wood and aluminum. Moreover, uPVC frames don’t rust and boast higher rates of safety rate against burglars.

3. White uPVC products turn yellow over time

Fact: All uPVC products are naturally white in color at the time of manufacturing. This is because they contain approximately 9% titanium oxide and are made of polymer. Moreover, they are treated to withstand harsh weather conditions and to comply with international standards for quality and safety. A properly manufactured uPVC product will never turn yellow; those that do, lack quality and reliability.

Get your premises the elegant and durable uPVC windows and doors today. Oridow is all set to provide you uPVC products that ensure high quality and compliance with international standards. All our products are backed by a 10 year guarantee.

For more information, call now at 86-591-8803-7851 or explore their website to find uPVC doors and windows perfect for your setting.

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