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Testing Strength Of Hurricane Windows – How to Know If They Can Withstand Impact?

Testing Strength Of Hurricane Windows

Hurricanes are a strong force of nature – nothing and nobody can stand within a raging storm and hope to not to incur any damage!

Homeowners in hurricane prone locations minimize damage to their home by installing hurricane impact windows, which are different than regular windows. How do these windows help?

Benefits of installing hurricane impact windows in homes are:

  • 24 Hour Hurricane and Burglary Protection
  • Improved Energy Efficiency in Home
  • Significant Noise Reduction
  • Maximum UV Protection

Hurricane Windows – How Are They Different From Regular Windows?

Otherwise known as impact windows, these are incredible products that have become popular over the past 25 years especially after the growing intensity of hurricanes.

These windows are able to withstand high speed winds, rain and pressure—perfect for homes in hurricane prone areas as well as regions with highly unpredictable weather.

How Do Hurricane Impact Windows Work

Impact windows were originally designed and experimented in the early 20th century, meant for safer car windshields. Only now this technology has made its way to property windows especially in hurricane prone locations.

There are two types of impact glass available in the market: shatter-resistant film windows and inner membrane technology.

Both hurricane impact window options offer a strong shatter-resistant barrier to high windows, flying debris and dangerous increased atmospheric pressure. These windows are installed within strong aluminum frames.

Homeowners thinking about installing hurricane impact windows often have little idea how to check if their chosen window can withstand a hurricane impact or not. Following are some steps that should be taken to determine this:

Look For a Permanent Mark on the Glass

You will find the mark in one of the corners of the glass. The mark includes important information about the item in question including supplier’s name, place of fabrication, date of manufacture, thickness of the glass and other safety standards and certifications.

Examine Reflection in the Glass

The best thing to do if you can’t find any markings or labels on the glass is to examine your reflection on the glass’s surface.

Hold your hand up (or an object) to the window glass and look at the reflection. Hurricane impact windows feature two sheets of glass, so you should see two reflections…

Don’t trust just anybody when it comes to hurricane impact window installation, especially when the best in the market is right here. Contact Oridow and get the best deal on windows today!

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