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Better Security and Protection

Our stainless steel screens and stainless screen window screens revamp home security by providing a complex steel mesh for doors and windows that prevents pests and rodents from invading the house. With easy opening and energy saving abilities by providing adequate air inflow, these screens are also UV resistant and can be customized to match any frame design, as per your client’s needs.

Stainless steel screen genuinely realize anti-mosquito, anti-theft, protecting, dust proof and anti-accident functions. There are five styles including swing in/out anti-theft screen door & window, sliding anti-theft door & window, folding anti-theft door & window and unequal double anti-theft screen door & window.

Ten functions and advantages of stainless steel mesh screen door & window.

  1. Safety protection: it refused unsafe factors and prevents from damages or rat, snake, fly and mosquito from invading.
  2. Falling objects prevention: the aged in the living room or kids playing around won’t be unsafe due to door or window unlocked.
  3. Invisibility: no separation, it has no sensation of separation, blocking and repression. The interior remains natural bright.
  4. Easy opening and convenient for evacuation: replace traditional fixed protective fence and thus the family will be easy to escape in a crisis such as fire.
  5. Energy saving: it won’t  block ventilation and the interior is full of fresh air and thus reduces unnecessary operation of air conditioning.
  6. Easy nursing: the dust and oil stain are easy to be cleaned and can be bright as new nursing with cleaner, water absorbing sponge or ordinary brush.
  7. Ultraviolet radiation resistant: it can resist 30% ultraviolet radiation, which can avoid damages to your skin when you are enjoying the sunshine.
  8. Humanized design: the exclusive domestic design of angle bead of doors and windows reduces damages of sharp doors and windows to be aged and kids.
  9. Low carbon and environmental protection: it is made of complete environmental protection material and thus guarantees no pollution.
  10. Wide application: applicable to high-grade residences and villas.

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