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Choosing Hurricane Impact Windows for Your Home

Hurricane Impact Windows

Hurricane Impact Windows are designed to protect your home during windy or adverse weather conditions. Rugged windows and flaps have been around for many centuries. From medieval architecture to modern homes, hurricane windows are used to protect interior as well as exterior of your home.

Modern hurricane windows combine novelty with technology that makes them an ideal choice for your home. Installing hurricane impact window will negate the need for ply woods and panels for protecting your home during hurricane season.

A casual market survey will reveal to you that there is a plethora of different hurricane impact windows featuring innovative designs, colors and sizes available in the market. Such variety is likely to overwhelm you at first; thus, choosing the right type of hurricane window can be difficult for you.

Before you take a final decision, you should know what type of impact windows you want to invest in. Below are a few tips to get you started:

Types of Hurricane Windows

Commonly, hurricane impact windows are available in:

  • Windows featuring uPVC profile – these are innovate windows that combine the functionality of uPVC technology with ruggedness of a conventional hurricane window.
  • Windows featuring Aluminum profile – conventional hurricane windows that combine resilience and durability of high grade, intense aluminum that is designed to withstand the pressure of winds and storms.

Choosing the right space

Before installing your hurricane window, you should ensure that you have enough space available. Start of by calculating exact dimensions of the place you want to install the impact windows. If there is enough space available, installing your hurricane window with high strength sashes and frames would be ideal. These can be adjusted up or down, allowing proper ventilation and lighting into your room.

Choose an impact window that suits your climate

Over the years, hurricane impact windows have evolved into tools that protect your home from extreme weather and windy conditions. Usually, uPVC impact windows are popular in areas with hot and humid climates where hurricanes thrive. For people living in colder regions, impact windows made out of aluminum would be ideal as they offer durability and ruggedness.

Moreover, these windows provide good protection against snow and hail storms, rains and other climate conditions. Since rural areas lack skilled craftsmen unlike cities, aluminum impact windows are designed as rugged and fixed windows and lack any panels.


Residential hurricane windows are available in matching schemes, often featuring single or multi tone color scheme. Buyers like to have a matching impact windows door for their home exterior or even windows.

Looking for impact windows for your home? Oridow provides all types of hurricane impact windows for internal and external use. All our products are backed by a 10 year guarantee. To find out more, call us now at 86-591-8803-7851 or explore our website.

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